ammonium nitrate formula

Ammonium nitrate-based explosives were used in the Sterling Hall bombing in Madison, Wisconsin, 1970, the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995, the 2011 Delhi bombings, the 2011 bombing in Oslo, and the 2013 Hyderabad blasts. This means that it produces a large amount of heat energy during the process. The reaction is summarized as: This compound is formed through an ionic bond uniting an ammonium ion and a nitrate ion. En réalité, le formol est diversement oxydé. Which means it absorbs thermal energy from the atmosphere or surrounding while cooling the surrounding media at the same time. Chemical Advisory: Safe Storage, Handling, and Management of Ammonium Nitrate, United States Environmental Protection Agency, "Report for Kooragang Island Update PHA MOD1 Report", "Guidance for Compatibility of Fertilizer Blending Materials", "Material Safety Data Sheet, Ammonium nitrate MSDS", "Lebanon's president calls for two-week state of emergency in Beirut after blast",, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Shock-to-detonation transition. Le nitrate d'ammonium est un corps chimique, composé ionique du cation ammonium et de l'anion nitrate de formule NH4NO3. Another advantage of this compound is that it doesn’t lose its nitrogen to the atmosphere, as is the case with urea. For ammonium nitrate, the boiling point is 483K (210°C). Le nitrate d'ammonium a une humidité relative critique de 59,4 %, au-delà de laquelle il absorbe l'humidité de l'atmosphère. Ammonium nitrate is a chemical compound with the chemical formula NH 4 NO 3.It is a white crystalline solid consisting of ions of ammonium and nitrate.It is highly soluble in water and hygroscopic as a solid, although it does not form hydrates.It is predominantly used in agriculture as a high-nitrogen fertilizer. It should not be stored near high explosives or blasting agents. Let us look at how to calculate the molecular weight of the given compound: The molar mass of ammonium nitrate= sum of the molar mass of all its constituents in the correct proportion. Ammonium Nitrate Formula. Ammonium nitrate readily dissolves in water by dissociating into its constituent ions. Dans certaines conditions (en milieu acide et donc dans l'estomac ou dans certaines zones humides naturellement acides), des nitrites (NO2-) se forment à partir des nitrates. It is found as gwihabaite which is called the Ammonium analogue of saltpetre. [21] The resulting heat and pressure from decomposition increases the sensitivity to detonation and increases the speed of decomposition. Produced as small porous pellets, or "prills", it's one of the world's most widely used fertilisers. Contamination can reduce this to 20 atmospheres. The molecular weight of ammonium nitrate= 2 * weight of nitrogen atom + 4 * weight of hydrogen atom + 3 * weight of an oxygen atom. [36] Apart from this, ANFO is in high demands for applications or used in coal mining, quarrying, metal mining, as well as in civil construction. Ammonium nitrate is a chemical compound which is made up when an ammonium ion unites with a nitrate ion. Blending ammonium nitrate with certain other fertilizers can lower the critical relative humidity.[29]. However, it can be induced to decompose explosively by detonation. The density of the substance is noted as 1.725 gm per cm³. Cent-huit sites classés Seveso sont répertoriés, dont 16 avec plus de 2 500 tonnes. Ces dernières particules secondaires sont majoritaires lors des pics de pollution printaniers, d'autant plus importants en période sèche[27]. Selon une enquête menée par Le Canard enchaîné en août 2020, le ministère de la Transition écologique estime qu'un accident similaire à celui qui s'est produit à Beyrouth début août 2020 est très peu probable en France car la France a adopté une réglementation parmi les plus strictes d'Europe[18].

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