different types of wood for furniture

Our design consultants are ready to assist with your design decisions wherever you are comfortable. Maple is harder than most hardwoods. Cedar is a conifer therefore it is classified as a softwood. In this picture Norwegian birch kitchen panel. Hardwood lumber comes from deciduous trees that generally grow more slowly. Bench*Made furniture is a really old school, made the same way artisans in the Appalachian Mountains crafted furniture from the Colonial period all the way to the late 1800s. READ MORE. Of course, you can also use hardwoods such as oak, poplar, walnut, or teak for these uses. Bassett has been in the furniture business for over 100 years, creating furniture pieces of all kinds and materials. Locust wood, especially the black locust species (Robinia pseudoacacia), is one of the hardest types of wood. Supply and demand, for example. You can learn more about decking by reading How to Build a Deck. These characteristics are used to describe the different types of wood lumber. Density: The strength and weight of wood is its density. However, it doesn’t warp or bend easily, making it a good type of wood for any kind of furniture. (1). Cherry is relatively hard it can be resistant to scratches and dents. Hardwoods are graded by the National Hardwood Lumber Association. Pinewood is one of the most popular types of wood to use as timber in carpentry and construction. Because of this, hardwoods are classified by pore openings as either: closed grained (smaller pores) like cherry and maple, or ring porous (larger pores) like oak, ash or poplar. Comparing pictures of hardwoods and softwoods, you will notice that the color of hardwoods is generally darker and denser than that of softwoods. Yew softwood is harder than some hardwoods and is used for furniture making and woodworking. Grading designation depends on the number of defects in a board. Bench made wood furniture describes a furniture-making process that combines quality craftsmanship with the best wood types available. Bassett's Bench*Made furniture doesn't use the manufacturing techniques that characterized the 1900's. Ashwood is becoming an expensive type of hardwood due to dwindling numbers of the trees. One of the more traditional woods in furniture making, mahogany is a beautiful wood. Poplar is denser than pine, it doesn’t warp easy, and it is not prone to dents. Researchers say that some types of wood classified as soft can be just as hard as some hardwood varieties. In this respect, hickory is a unique type of hardwood that is also reasonably priced. Oak: Solid oak is a durable hardwood that is extremely multi-faceted, as it can be finished with a number of different looks. Below are some of the best woods used in furniture-making. Lumber is sold in various forms, sizes, types and cuts. Spruce is softwood is commonly used for constructing frames in the building industry. There are different types of wood that can be used for creating different types of furniture such as tables and chairs. In addition to the wood type and quality used in a furniture piece, the process used to create the piece is another factor that greatly impacts the quality-level of the wood furniture you are considering. Softwoods are divided into two categories: dimensional lumber, with a grade based on strength, and appearance boards, which are typically used for woodworking projects. One usually sees closets constructed of cedar as its aromatic quality repels bugs. Softwoods are faster growing and have straighter grain, making them good for framing, construction and outdoor projects. By contrast, red oak is slightly darker and porous. Unlike veneer or laminated furniture, solid wood living room, dining room, or bedroom furniture can someday last to become an antique, if maintained reasonably well. Website Development by Beacon Technologies. Types of Wood for Furniture. On the other hand, while there are many pretty durable engineered wood out there, the natural character and beauty of hardwood cannot currently be emulated by technological processes. Softwood such as pine is cheaper than most hardwoods, but it is less durable. Gluing veneer over a piece to cover less desireable wood. Dimensional lumber and studs are milled on all four sides. Genuine mahogany is sourced from Latin American and is becoming harder and harder to find. This makes pinewood easy to work with. Due to its density and hardness, furniture made from maple will withstand years of wear and tear. Think of furniture with a weathered look. Hardwood trees are generally slower growing, making the wood denser than softwoods. When selecting wood, look for its grading stamp because different lumberyards sometimes use different names for the same grade. Pine trees grow fast and straight and their wood is relatively soft. 7/16 CAT PS2-10 OSB Sheathing, Application as 4 x 8, Plytanium 23/32 Cat Ps1-09 Square Structural Pine Sheathing, Application as 4 x 8, Top Choice 2-in x 4-in x 96-in Whitewood Stud, Plytanium 3/8 Cat Ps1-09 Square Structural Pine Sheathing, Application as 4 x 8, Plytanium 23/32 Cat Ps1-09 Tongue and Groove Pine Subfloor, Application as 4 x 8, RevolutionPly 5mm Poplar Plywood, Application as 4 x 8, Top Choice 2-in x 6-in x 10-ft Douglas Fir Lumber, Top Choice 2-in x 4-in x 16-ft Spruce Pine Fir Lumber, Severe Weather 4-in x 4-in x 8-ft #2 Pressure Treated Lumber, 19/32 CAT PS2-10 OSB Sheathing, Application as 4 x 8, Link to Lowe's Home Improvement Home Page. Remember: If you're having trouble figuring it all out, ask for help. In addition to the basic lumber definitions, there are two kinds of wood from which to choose: hardwood and softwood. Pinewood is used to construct timber frames, window frames, paneling, and a wide range of furniture. Spruce (Picea) is another species of coniferous evergreen tree in the softwood category. When you shop for lumber, you may notice two sizes listed: common and actual. Yes. During the 20th century, the pre-eminence of technology allowed several goods, including furniture, to be mass-produced. Laminate is common in low-end furniture lines. Below are their descriptions: Hardwood is denser than softwood. You may notice that all of these woods belong to the hardwood family: Maple may be the ideal furniture wood. The hard wood is also flexible and is used to make strong wooden items such as skateboards. Found in red and white variations, oak is one of the most common hardwoods used in flooring and furniture. Hardwoods are the deciduous trees that lose their leaves in the fall. The artist’s name is associated with that product and most craftsmen care deeply about their standing and reputation among peers. Maple heartwood is usually a dark, reddish-brown color. It's denser, heavier and longer lasting (and more expensive) than treated wood. A product that is getting harder and harder to find, hardwood furniture has a combination of beauty and durability that cannot be matched by any softwood or engineered wood. Meet with one of our local designers and get started on your next design project. As you may have already noticed, the wood types that are seen most in high-quality wooden furniture are all from the hardwood family. Your email address will not be published. Maple wood (Acer) has a similar color to birch wood and is one of the hardest woods. There over 125 species of pine trees in the genus Pinus. Solid wood is much more durable. Lower picture: wood is finished with linseed oil and shellac. Right picture: violin part made of maple wood. When compared to other softwoods such as spruce, pine is denser and more durable. Beyond construction, the look of wood furniture can vary even further depending on the wood type and wood finish. Let’s look at some of the most popular species of softwood. Now that we've covered the various wood types used in furniture, lets shift to the processes used by furniture manufacturers to create wood furniture, including various tradeoffs between manufactured, hand-made, custom, and bench-made wood furniture. Hardwoods are the best type of wood material for furniture. The wood from elm trees (Ulmus) has beautiful interlocking grain patterns and is resistant to splitting. While there were certainly some benefits to the industrialization of furniture-making=, its downsides were that there was a level of skill and craftsmanship that was seemingly lost. Without a doubt, the beauty of wood is the fact it is renewable, recyclable, eco-friendly, natural, and aesthetically pleasing. It isn’t uncommon to treat brand new furniture with that weathered look to add a desirable shabby chic look to it. Oak is an excellent wood for furniture. This makes many types of hardwood more expensive than softwood. Hardwood comes from deciduous, broad-leaved trees. When used in furniture making, spruce wood molds and planes easily. Even types of softwood from coniferous trees are strong and can be used in the construction industry. The grain direction is important to consider when building either structural projects or decorative projects such as furniture or crafts. It is unreasonable for woodworkers to learn every type of wood as there are hundreds of wood species, so below I have listed some of the most common types of wood lumber species that woodworkers use for making furniture … It has an even grain and is non-toxic.

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