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Chan is an internationally recognized preacher and author, and former pastor of Cornerstone Community Church in Simi Valley, CA, so his sermon came as a shock to many in the Evangelical world. "[12] For reasons not explained further, Chan left that pastoral position for a job at a restaurant, waiting tables. “We rationalize, ‘well, it’s better for a big group to keep coming [than none] at all.’”. He told me that he felt like God wanted him to tell me something: “Just go. It wasn’t something I planned on doing. I wanted to run from it all. First of all, I wanted all of us to sing directly to God. [3][verification needed], Chan graduated high school and went on to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree from Master's College, and a master of divinity degree from The Master's Seminary. My background is one that is extremely conservative. The Author Francis Chan is a pastor, speaker, and bestselling author. It's never been this bad.”, According to Chan, the “number one mistake” churches in the U.S. make is being “obsessed with church attendance.”, “We panicked and thought, ‘we've got to do everything we can to get as many people as we can there,’” he said. Francis Chan identifies No. Chan began his sermon by sharing, “God … Again, I’m not sure I heard from the Lord, but I had more peace in obeying what I thought I heard than in ignoring it. I remember asking my kids what they felt after one of our first outreaches. Chan also recently participated in a roundtable video discussion — "Why Is There So Much Division in the Body of Christ? This is one of our greatest opportunities for reaching out to a lost world and showing them that we haven't lost our love, joy, and peace.”, “Even at this moment, the enemy can't take that away from us,” he concluded. Knowing this was my calling, we gathered some of our new friends into our home and started a church. In excitement, he went to the skating rink and learned to do all sorts of tricks. In particular, he cited an increase in blogs attacking fellow believers online, along with church splits over non-salvation issues. We weren’t going to be those people who gather together to listen to some self-help nonsense nor were we going to ignore half of the Bible. Our attendance and offering climbed consistently for years. There was no way he could have known the conversation Lisa and I just had. Lisa agreed, and so began Cornerstone Church in Simi Valley, California. While there were feelings of fear when we left the US, now there was greater fear in returning. My hope is that you also will see the need to repent from this casual attitude and treat the church as sacred again. | YouTube Francis Chan encouraged the Church to view the coronavirus pandemic as “one of our greatest opportunities to reach a lost world and show them we haven’t lost our love, joy, and peace” instead of succumbing to fear and anxiety. When I looked at what went on in Cornerstone, I saw me and a few other people using our gifts, while thousands just came and sat in the sanctuary for an hour and a half and then went home. He said it felt like the rules were suddenly changed on him. Chan was active in Christian youth groups, which helped develop his faith in Christ and his interest in ministry. While overseas, I had gotten to see a glimpse of what the church could be and the power it could have, and I felt like God wanted me to bring that vision back. We will also be utilizing this resource for video updates, worship sessions, bible studies, and staying connected throughout the week! Then one day, I really felt like the Lord was speaking to me.

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