how to make electric generator

in this case a Radio Cassette motor. THANKS .I HOPE MY INSTRUCTABLES WOULD BE EVEN BETTER.I HAVE GIVEN A INSTRUCTABLE ON MAKING A BAROMETRE.IT IS VERY EASY AND OF GREAT USE.SO I HOPE YOU WOULD SEE THAT. So that it ca be rotate freely. After this fix nut and bolt with CD and wooden bar. No, it doesn't cost too much. For more than 100 years, the simplest way to produce the volumes of falling water needed to make electricity has been to build a dam. 5 years ago or have better applications.) Which rotates form river water as a result electricity is produced. We can divide them into three categories according to source. on Introduction. An electric generator can be taken as an appliance that generates the electric power and makes the various equipment like fan or bulb glow up with the power generated. This science project electric generator helps us to understand about Dc motor. Turn off use of electric energy while not in operation. You can contact me at my mail -, Reply You need to make a rectangular box of 8cm in height and 3.5cm in depth out of the cardboard for the exact spacing of other components. (More Is Better) because we can create a steady source output of electricity.In my Volt-Meter.. it can produce beyond 5 volts at a steady rotation. This is very educational to present how electric generators work and how we use it in our everyday lives. We can also harvest electric energy form wind as well as water source. And you need only three equipment to make it. For this take two old CD and circular cardboard . on Step 6, Reply (AC and DC) -- (Search for that. As the world is moving towards the renewable sources of energy rather than the non -renewable sources of energy, you should also look towards the renewable sources which include wind energy, biomass and solar energy. A marker; to avoid any imbalance in the measurement of cardboard, a marker is required. The motor of an electric vehicle also consists of coiling wire and magnet. food for thought . An electric generator allows us to use electricity other than the mainline supply. (By the way DC motor can became a DC generator. Well We convert a low RPM to High RPM.1 turn of the large wheel will turn the smaller wheel 15 times. some of them are: We can generate electricity easily at home. 1)an iron nail of 15-20 cm. I tried your generator but it didn't worked. Some of items required for making this electricity science fair project are : There are different types of DC motor. I hope this experiment can be of great help. We all know that scientists are in a constant search for alternative energy sources and this happens because in recent years conventional energy sources have started to decrease significantly. Current is the flow of charge through conductor. For better demo of this project, you can simply follow below video. produces 12 or 24 volts … For more, Science Projects Projects log on to SCHOOLSCIENCEEXPERIMENTS.COM, Electricity Science Fair Projects – Simple Electric Motor. Argha, please give me two page description about this topic, Can I connect a motor to this thing instead of the led light? Reply Here is full process of electric generation in video form. 5)insulative tape. They are static electricity and current electricity. I have bought 50 meters for this. Simply because Nowadays electrical generators require a high RPM to produce a certain/specific amount of usable energy. Solder Dc motor and led which is then attached at small wooden block as in video. While using a drill machine, make sure to use it on low power. (As a approximation)1:15 or more. Then I tries other working methods. now take a magnet keep it almost 3-5 cm away from the nails star to move it in various ways .at one time in a certain type of move the bulb will start to i have shown circular movement.then any time you may light it with that move.ifit does not work then try by changing the poles of led.i am sure that it is a project that may give you a first prize in science fair.if i make any mistake inenglish forgive me because i am from a non -english speakin coutry.i am argha halder from naogaon bangladesh.i study in class 7 in biam laboratory school naogaon. Today we are making Electric Generator Science Project. cut two circles of 3-6 cm diametre from the cardboard sheet.and now make a hole in the centre so that the nail can be inserted init. They are direct current and alternating current. This spin will force the atoms in the metal shaft to change their polarity to release electrons from it. and Coupled together by a rubber band. on Step 1. how does the generator work even though it doesn't have any batteries? Hello. As we know property of dc motor. 3)a strong magnet. We Convert Low RPM to HIGH RPM why? We are using DC motor ranging 3volt to 12 volt. Well this project are made of some used stuff and Mix all that together to create this product/project.

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