injustice 2 mobile brainiac phase 4

There are quite a few ways to build around fighting Brainiac and I honestly can't name them all but I'll start with the ones that work in general for most phases then go into some personal teams I made up.

OK. Now to the Part that will basically fuel the discussion of this post: Team Building. From here, you can see which players have Leader or Officer status, review rosters and threat levels, monitor Check-in rewards or opt to quit your current group. Each hero on your roster can be utilized up to 5 battles a day by default.

The Champions Arena is a competitive arena that will put your best and strongest heroes to the test.

All players in the League can participate in donating Credits to fund it.

7)Green Lantern Corps -GL, EGL, JSGL Thanks to ZKRC for pointing it out. Phase 4 is basically "IMMA FIRIN MAH LAZAAAAAA". Defeating an opponent will reward you Season Points on the event leaderboard.

Now to the bulk of this. Unlike Raid and Arena rewards League Mission prizes must be claimed from the mission menu during their active period. Orbs can drop as well but are not guaranteed. Brainiac himself has an annoying set of moves to deal with.

Great advice, with a few caveats, please correct if I’m wrong though. If you're confident, you can tag between AGA and ESF to build meter, then only tag to DSG when being hit by an SP.

You'll take damage but I think you still heal from it.


He has Minions with him and not much else outside of what I've already covered. For the 2nd difficulty tier, we’ll need 2 members on our team to participate. Brainiac can jump over it and negate it completely, **3) Team Hazard Zone - AKBM, AAAM, JSGL **. How can I switch to a different Arena in Injustice 2 Mobile?

Still have a question? I'd invest in 2-3 characters with super block if you don't have an energy drainer. It's basically the war of attrition phase where you beat him until he changes. In totally forgot that part of JSGL’s passive. This phase will test how well you can space yourself in a fight ( until you get a JSGL or a Strong enough Hellboy). Rapid Evolution: Brainiac constantly alternates his class between: Tech, Might and Agility. Boss Brainiac health (each phase) Boss Brainiac reward I 50,000 111,400 300 Gear Material 2,000 credits 1 tier 3 Xp Capsule of the boss's class 111,400 500 Gear Material 2,500 credits 1 tier 4 Tech Xp Capsule II 215,000 514,000 500 Gear Material 3,000 credits 1 tier 3 Xp Capsule of the boss's class 514,000 700 Gear Material 3000 credits 2 tier 4 Tech Xp Capsules III 320,000 1,177,600 1,000 Gear Material 4,000 credits … He can still deal major damage while negating a skill. In the Arena you will face off against AI-controlled teams built by other players. No Mercy: When Boss Captain Cold stuns an opponent, he also deals damage over time. Complete the objectives as a team and everyone in your League will earn rewards.

The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. Remember to Block. Some Heroes have increased advantages for all Raid Boss Battles and are a cornerstone to putting in efforts for your League. But they're characters we've all encountered with some minor buffs so they shouldn't be a major problem. Ok that's all I have for now. during minibosses: Team 1 AKBM, MTCW & Dr. To face off against Robin and his team, we’ll need a Joker League of Anarchy team member.

Note that these special shards are not applicable to Legendary Heroes. Brainiac has 4 phases each with a unique quirk. 4) Doctor Predator - PBM, DF, Tank with super block (Possible alternate is DSG). As of update 3.3, you can participate as soon as you reach account level 30. Just mind his form changes and you'll be fine.DF can be switched with JSGL but this won't be as safe during phase 3 but it will make running Phase 4 more efficiently. Never realized about Bane but you’re right. Anybody in this Wasteland looking to Try T8. You can also update and track your ticket as well. Campaign battles are preset teams you battle against to win a variety of rewards. Use League Credits earned from Missions and Raids to purchase Hero Shards, Gear, and XP Capsules. The Versus Challenges mode is a team-based Challenge mode that will run alongside the existing Challenges. Regeneration: Boss Brainiac’s minions prevent you from dealing damage directly to Brainiac. These rewards include Credits and XP Capsules aswell as Bonus Arena Medals depending on your Account level at the start of the season. Brainiac himself has an annoying set of moves to deal with. Next, Armor piercing moves, Power Drains, as well as most SP3s can also go a long way into your overall damage and survivability. These rewards include Class Shards and Prismatic Shards. Need to get back to basics?

Yes, use a power drainer to keep Brainiac’s power down for the first 2 minutes then use KAAM supermove to disable Brainiacs super for the final minute, I wrote it wrong i mean super disable buff was still active on P4 when used on P3, Anybody in this Wasteland looking to Try T8. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. GL gives you a starting shield to survive some early damage. Using JSGL for support with HB will also lower the damage from hazards and nullify the power drain entirely. You’ll also see a “Quit League” button here if you wish to leave your current group. When looking for an opponent, you can opt to scroll through different teams with varying threat levels. During an Active Raid, you can select the top 3 players on the top right of the display to reveal the rewards leaderboard for the current Raid instance. FAIR WARNING: Phase 3 and 4 will have Brainiac changing forms, this will cancel out any action that was already occurring such as you setting up a move or him while he's using his skill ( literally saved my aquaman once). After the meter starts building up faster, you can potentially skill lock Brainiac for the rest of the fight by spamming his SP1 after a combo. This is the preferred team to take during phase 3 because all 3 of these are buffed for it. Here you can purchase Hero Shards, as well as Gear for Heroes that are obtained through Arena season rewards. NEW!! These rewards are delivered to your inbox. I'll add it later after. Rinse and Repeat until time's up. He also gains boosted damage against opposing classes. This stacks to a maximum of 600% and is only available in Raids.

These have a Normal and Heroic difficulty option. Once you have completed the Heroic difficulty battle and all heroes on your team survive, you’ll receive a 3 Star completion. The stock for each character is 3 purchases of 5 Hero Shards, you can pay 50 Gems to restock the Hero Shards store as well. Injustice 2 and Injustice 2 Mobile: Link your accounts and earn rewards, Troubleshooting Steps for Injustice 2 Mobile. You can confirm the time remaining in the season at the top of the Arena menu. Head on over to the Intermediate Guide: Ready to conquer the Champion's Arena? Bane - 40% Atk 40% HP 10% Team Defense. Boss Brainiac is the final boss of the Brainiac: Collector of Worlds raid, only attackable after all four sub-bosses have been defeated. He Builds up meter and unleashes an instakill. Annihilation: Boss Brainiac’s Supermove is significantly boosted: It deals massive damage to all heroes on the player’s team, Immutable: Boss Brainiac cannot have his Supermove disabled.

Characters with Advantage. It's like they made him for fighting raid bosses on purpose for that. This seems obvious, but it’s even more important during Raids. You can then apply this rewarded Gear Material to further progress the gear equipped on your heroes. For more about the Champion's Arena, please visit the full guide here: For more details on the benefits from each type of team, please visit our Team Synergy guide here: Some Heroes have increased advantages for all Raid Boss Battles and are a cornerstone to putting in efforts for your League. I am experiencing stability issues or network errors in Injustice 2 Mobile (Android), I am experiencing stability issues or network errors in Injustice 2 Mobile (iOS). For more details on the benefits from each type of team, please visit our Team Synergy guide here: "Let's kill some people, and see where that leaves us"-Deadshot. His SP 3 can kill multiple teammates so be super careful. As of update 3.3, difficulty tiers 7 & 8 offer a chance at obtaining valuable higher level gear AND Hero Shards. What should I know?

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