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This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. A great vegan alternative, Pizza marinara is the one for you if you're a huge fan of garlic. Here’s the ingredients and toppings for a Pizza Margherita: One of the key things that sets apart this pizza is that cow’s milk mozzarella (fior di latte) rather than buffalo mozzarella is used to top it. It’s the most typical Neapolitan pizza. Our team of luxury travel experts are here to assist you. In a world where it's possible to have pineapple pizza (and I still do love it, don't @ me) or beetroot pizza (this I had in Sweden and it was delicious! Shrimp is just not that common. Take A Lesson From These International Tea Time Snacks, Longest Living Creatures That Make Us Question Time, Dark Secrets About Jamestown, America's First Colonial Settlement, Nothing Says Social Distancing Like A Food Subscription Box: These The Best Of 2020. This should come as no surprise! This is similar to mozzarella but it is also made with cream, which means it’s even lighter and more flavorsome. There might be sauce, cheese, and oil, but there won’t be the mountains of ingredients that you find on pizzas in the United States. The quantity of garlic to be used really depends on your preferences and the size of the cloves. Everyone knows that pizza is an Italian creation. Types Of Italian Pizzas & Toppings (Ingredients), How To Get Rid Of Unsightly Water Spots On Your Dishes, How To Sharpen A Knife With A Dremel (4 Steps), Guide: Best Water Softeners For The Money (2020), Which Oven Setting Is Best For Pizza? Tomato sauce, fresh buffalo mozzarella that you have to cut into rounds, and a few fresh basil leaves. While not the typical pizza topping, this healthy veggie add-on helps add flavor and texture to any pizza. You can add the basil on the pizza before or after baking. Steak is not considered a normal pizza topping in Italy by any stretch of the imagination. Cheese of any type complements well with eggplant and is usually paired with it. Here’s all if the inspiration you need with fifteen of our easiest and most popular pizza toppings. What I do care more about is trying to eat healthier, even though I admit that I like to indulge in my food fantasies. The thing to remember about pizza in Italy is that it’s simple. These cookies do not store any personal information. Burrata is sometimes added to the pizza in Italy after it’s pulled out of the oven so it doesn’t fully melt and still retains its divine creamy texture. She loves Johnny Cash and thinks 'realistic' is an ugly word. It has a hint of spicy flavor that’s indicative of the region from where it came from. But luckily, we’ve got the Italians to teach us their ways. This super-simple pizza is cheeseless (perfect for vegans or the lactose-intolerant) and might also be sprinkled with a bit of oregano. However, the Italians found that using white anchovy can be a more pleasant alternative to the usual brown anchovies that are more commonly used. Some pizza chefs remove the hard black skin of the vegetable, while others leave it on for texture and flavor. By clicking “Accept”, you consent to the use of ALL the cookies. However, the great thing about this type of anchovy is that its light flavor allows it to be paired perfectly with cheese without overpowering it. Whether you want to order ham and pineapple or barbecue chicken and pineapple, Italy is not the place to find it. The Pizza Cosacca, which is also known as the Cossack pizza, is very similar to the Pizza Margherita. And the ingredients are so simple, that you can easily make it at home. Italy is, It’s truly amazing how many people ruin their vacations, trying. Peel the garlic cloves and slice them thinly. An authentic Italian pizza is perfection at 5 different levels – the base, the sauce, the cheese, the toppings and last but not the least – the pizza chef. You’ll find eggplant parmigiana, eggplant meatballs, eggplant fritters, marinated eggplant, and of course, eggplant on your pizza. What you will find on your pizza in Italy is basil. If you want to try something other than mozzarella on your pizza, then you should give this flavorful cheese a try. Another meat that you typically won’t find on your pizza in Italy? Spread the tomato sauce on the dough, distribute the rounds of mozzarella evenly, drizzle with a few drops olive oil, add the basil and bake (some people add the basil after baking, as on a Neapolitan pizza). Here’s the ingredients and toppings for a Pizza ‘Nduja: So, while you might not be able to find all the ingredients, this one is a must-make for spicy pizza enthusiasts. It’s basically a pizza margherita with arugula and prosciutto added on top after baking. The only downside to this kind of pizza is the price tag. America, we desperately need to step up our pizza game. Speaking of those mountains of toppings that you get on pizza outside of Italy, chicken tends to be a popular ingredient. Italian Gourmet Toppings at 11 Inch Pizza. The thought of putting chicken on a pizza might be almost as sacrilegious to Italians as adding pineapple. The fewer toppings, the better. As we all know, cheese is a must on pizza. It was an eye-opening (and to be honest a bit fattening experience) that I thoroughly enjoyed. Good complementary toppings that go with this pizza are honey, walnuts, or even blue cheese to give everything a much sharper contrast of flavors. An Italian may even be incredibly surprised to learn that Americans sometimes have steak on their pizza! This right here is hands down my favorite type of Italian pizza to eat because it’s basically a ham and mushroom pepper. Spread the tomato and the mozzarella, arrange the other four toppings each in its separate quarter of the pizza; sprinkle with grated Parmigiano-Reggiano (if using), drizzle with a few drops olive oil and bake. One of the things that most jumped out at me while I was there is how simple they like to keep their toppings: it's never more than three elements and the Margherita is definitely the queen of all. Food, wine, and travel writer Kyle Phillips lived in Tuscany and developed his passion and expertise for food and cooking through travel. Like the Pizza Diavola, this pizza has a spicy kick to it. You will find some meats as pizza toppings in Italy, but many of these tend to be preserved meats that come from pork, such as salami and prosciutto. Unlike the pizza that you might be used to, there will only be very few of these toppings. Make sure the toppings are distributed evenly and you're good to go! 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