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Reviewed in the United States on January 30, 2019. Every Promix product run in our facility is 3rd party tested. 1% of all Promix sales go to environmental conservation. The fats in these protein bars come from coconut oil. Additionally, this dairy free protein powder is Paleo-friendly, and contains no soy, gluten, or GMOs. Tone It Up Organic Vegan Vanilla Protein Powder, 4. In terms of professionalism and overall quality, this company ranks very high. Meet Yang Xinmin: The 70-Year-Old Iron Grandpa Chinese BodyBuilder, Paul Kerton Is Hench Herbivore: The Vegan Bodybuilder On A Mission. All rights reserved. This is best suited for a Jelly Belly roulette flavor than my daily protein shake. The serving is soy-free, gluten-free, and non-GMO. Promix Vegan Protein Powder Side Effects: Where Can You Buy Promix Vegan Protein Powder? I … It’s one of the most popular vegan protein products available online and sold around the world to thousands of users. I then saw that it is 6 months expired! Pros: 25 grams of protein and 5.9 grams of BCAAs per scoop Brown Rice contains 37% of the total proteins and essential amino acids your body needs (4). It’s said to contain 25 grams of protein per 29-gram serving. In a single-serving of this protein powder, you will get 4 grams of branched-chain amino acids. One serving of this protein powder gives you up to 15 grams of protein, which is great for an energy boost as well as reducing hunger. Pure Results.’ and it shows with the ingredient selection and customer feedback. Yellow PeasExclusively sourced from Organic Canadian partner farms. Post-workout shakes, smoothies, baking & between meals to meet protein goals. The information on this website should not be replaced by Doctor's medical advice, consultation or prescription. It is also a great protein for post-workout as it reduces healing time. So, they have introduced a 30-day money-back guarantee that provides you a full refund if you’re not satisfied with the product. Made with egg whites – this is all natural grass fed protein. The Tone It Up Organic Vegan Vanilla Protein Powder is among the helpful products that will boost your protein levels. 9.98 / 10. As far as value goes, you really can't beat this (78 servings for $55! The main ingredients are organic rice protein, organic pea protein, and Non-GMO vitamin B-12. I will elaborate on the pros: #1 Protein yield, a mere 31 gram serving size yields 25 grams of protein, that’s roughly an 81% protein yield for plant based protein (very good)! Additionally, these products don’t have to deal with allergens and can be made without gluten and soy. It is an awesome complete vegan protein that mixes well in a blender bottle and has a very neutral taste. The 10 Best Noise Cancelling Headphones of 2020, Propane Sales Spike In Response to Outdoor Thanksgivings, How to Sleep After Watching Horror Movies, Bullseye for Bullies? So, scientists found a vegan-alternative in peas and brown rice as a source of protein. Unlike traditional supplements, our products are made from the highest quality ingredients, nothing artificial. Right now, my main focus is writing product reviews to help consumers make well-informed decisions. Promix Whey Protein is an effective, quality product which is proven by the countless reviews. Other people love adding nuts and other superfoods to come up with a smoother texture. As mentioned in my Promix whey protein review, the USA Track & Field Olympic team was quite fond of this company. 1630 NW 1st Ave I Gainesville, FL / (352) 221-9320. I'm by no means a vegan, but I try to avoid dairy when possible. It is 100% organic, kosher, and USDA organic. They changed the formula or something. 1630 NW 1st Ave I Gainesville, FL / (352) 221-9320. The product also has a vanilla flavor added to its quality. If you are not satisfied with any purchase from Promix, contact us within 30 days for a full refund. The powder is made with a huge variety of ingredients, including chia seeds, kale, acai, and goji berry. The taste is okay and it mixes well. Preferably unflavored. High protein. See all details for PROMIX Premium Vegan Protein + B12, Organic Complete Protein Plant... © 1996-2020,, Inc. or its affiliates. These are great to take as a snack if you’re meal prepping. Personalized results based on your dietary preferences, lifestyle, fitness level, and goals. The ingredients are great. This powder is also organic (lacking USDA Certification) and has an even higher value when it comes to protein … The essential amino acids include Histidine, Isoleucine, Leucine, Lysine, Methionine, Phenylalanine, Threonine, Tryptophan, and Valine. Although 5 pounds of this protein is a little more expensive than competitors, Promix does not slack in the quality department. The owners of Chicago RAW vegan restaurant recommeded this brand and I love it! I ordered this protein mix directly from the Promix website a few months ago Circa September 2018 and it was awesome. With 21 grams of protein, 5 grams of fiber, and … It has a great chocolate flavor that you can take with juice, milk, or water and your vegan-friendly protein. You can also use these protein powders for baking some of your favorite recipes and get a delicious pack of energy and protein. Calories 70 per scoop Protein 16g. This product is 100% organic and vegan with 25-gram protein content. Rest assured, it’s not that bad. French Press vs. Espresso: What's the Best Coffee Brewing Method? Promix Vegan Protein Powder is the go-to protein product for many people embracing the ever-growing plant-based diet culture. This combination is enough to give a great energy boost and good nutrition for perfect health. A Complete Protein, Fine In Smoothies, with No Sugar, No Gluten, & No Dairy! These branched-chain amino acids can promote muscle growth, reduce muscle soreness/fatigue, and prevent muscle mass loss (6). It is also packed with plenty of plant-based ingredients, including brown rice, peas, and sacha inchi. We stand by the quality of our products. So, if you were taking a supplement with low bioavailable protein, your body would benefit from less protein as compared to a product with high protein bioavailability. The company has an exercise physiologist and registered dietician on staff to help with designing supplements. It just tasted awful. Promix Vegan Protein Powder is made from organic pea and sprouted brown rice which contains all nine essential amino acids. B12. After doing as much research as possible, I can confidently say this is a quality company. You'll learn how much protein is too much. While most other products contain lower quality Chinese peas, the peas in Promix Vegan Protein Powder are organic and sourced from US-farms. Plant-based proteins have proven to be the best when it comes to bodybuilding and general body health. Fantastic all-around taste – you’re going to want to eat several of these. KOS Organic Plant Based Protein Powder, When Pets Pass: Dealing With Childhood Grief. This is an informed choice for vegans since it is organic, free from soy, gluten, and dairy, and is non-GMO. Ingredients: Organic Pea Protein, Organic Sprouted Brown Rice, Non-GMO Vitamin B-12, © 2020 Promix Nutrition.

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