silicone oil refractive error

Part of So predicting degree of refractive shift of SO tamponade in these pseudophakic eyes is useful.

Surgery using silicone oil is to give the patient the best quality of sight possible, no doubt in some cases (unfortunate one if macular detachment is involved), vision may not be improved, but at least there is some hope that some sight is still there. Google Scholar. told that it may take 4-6 months to get cent percent vision

PubMed Central  You also don’t want the oil to move to the front part of the eye into the anterior chamber. Six types of IOL were implanted in this patients group (Akreos adapt, Baush & Lomb, USA, RI 1.458; Akreos AO, Baush & Lomb, USA, RI 1.458; Softec HD, Lenstec, USA, RI 1.458; Tecnis ZCB00, AMO, USA, RI 1.470; Tecnis ZA9003, AMO, USA, RI 1.470; AR40e, AMO, USA, RI 1.470) and all patients were injected with 5000CS SO (RT SIL-OIL 5000, Carl Zeiss, Germany, RI 1.403). Yumin Li. Please see my comment below regarding your surgery. He new I had cataract surgery but did not know I had the silicone IOL. It didn’t last as we had a “leakage” so I had a few more operations that included the gas treatment, with strict positioning orders, which re-attached the retina except for a “suspicious” spot. It sounds as if the doctor feels that removing the oil will reduce the eye pressure, but in doing so will lead to retinal detachment and loss of the eye, whereas, leaving the oil in the eye keeps the retina attached, but the high pressure is causing pain. Thanks very much for your response.

Well, a few days later that pain had grown to be excruciating.

Now at my 7 week post-op last Thursday had my 3rd surgery and they used silicone oil as scar tissue again caused the full detachment. Vision is usually disappointing after oil removal. That’s what they usually do: they leave it in the eye for as long as possible in order to secure the re-attachment of the retina. National Center for Biotechnology Information, Unable to load your collection due to an error, Unable to load your delegates due to an error. I can’t advise medically over the Internet and without an examination.

If it were me, I’d try and have it removed. I would like to know what vision issues are caused due to the presence of the silicone oil in the eye?

is a senior resident. I hope to get some response or guidance from you specifically on the DV issue. Privacy It is not my habit nor my understanding that oil needs to be replaced in this manner. I think you should feel fortunate that your retina was saved and, in my view, having oil stick to your implant is a small issue…but not negligence. In your opinion, does subretinal fluid and retinoschisis resolve on its own? I’ve cleared the “inbox” completely and have nothing pending.

Oil and water focus light differently, therefore, your vision will change simply because the medium (water/vitreous exchanged for oil). I am not hopeful there is a great alternative, but I don’t think simply transplanting the cornea only will be worthwhile, especially since one of the alternatives is to perform surgery to reattach the retina. He removed the buckle and used silicone oil.

The previous gas bubbles have caused a film also. But I can see color, and shapes. The Dr. gave us 2 choice to consider and think over and give him a call when we ready to make the decision

He suggested we do a scleral buckle only surgery. Last year, my out of pocket costs for the 3 surgeries, tests, prescriptions…etc was about $7,500 and I though I had good insurance. Can’t really assess vision with oil in place. Is there any macular edema from the retinal detachment(s)?

This approach prevents the silicone oil from altering the refractive power of the posterior surface of the intraocular lens. Refractive errors before and after SO extraction were confirmed by retinoscopy under dilated pupil and best spectacles correction.

Long time no write (from me). Ophthalmology.

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