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The bird’s wings are spread wide and it clutches a ribbon in its beak that reads “SilverTowne” and “1 Ounce .999 Fine Silver.” The bird also clutches the arrows of war in one talon with the olive branch of peace in its other talon.

Now is your chance to learn more about the selection of silver bar designs from SilverTowne, both old and new. Here at SilveTowne, we want to ensure that all of our customers are getting the 'best bang for their buck'! What began as a single couple-owned coin store is now an established mint with a national reputation.

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SCRAP MEMORY 60. Bars Silvertowne Mint in Air Tight Capsules-BRAND NEW! SilverTowne also offers a variety of cast or poured silver bars for investors to purchase. In order to create these bars, one of our SilverTowne Craftsmen must first heat .999 fine silver shot up to 2000 degrees.

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Cookie Consent by Privacy Policies Generator, SilverTowne Trademark Poured 5oz .999 Silver Bar - Secondary Market, SilverTowne Poured 5oz .999 Silver Bar 2pc, SilverTowne Trademark Poured 10oz .999 Silver Bar - Secondary Market, SilverTowne Poured 10oz .999 Silver Bar 2pc, SilverTowne Poured 1 Kilo .999 Silver Bar, SilverTowne Poured 50oz .999 Silver Bar - Secondary Market, SilverTowne Trademark Poured 100oz .999 Silver Bar, SilverTowne Trademark Poured 100oz .999 Silver Bar - Secondary Market. SilverTowne offers superb bullion bars produced from .999 fine silver, carrying various impressive and incredibly beautiful designs.

From our extremely popular stamped designs to our poured silver bars we are positive you’ll find exactly what you are looking for at SilverTowne. In the world of silver there are multitudes of available options to browse through and choose from. All .999 fine silver bars for sale at SilverTowne are 100% quality guaranteed!

The SilverTowne Prospector Retro silver bars feature a horizontal or landscape orientation for the design on the obverse side. One of the original silver bar designs from SilverTowne was the Prospector. $970.90 $9.40. In the world of silver there are multitudes of available options and designs to browse through and choose from; however, there are two main styles of silver bullion: machine stamped and hand poured. This is purely because the larger the silver pieces are, the easier they are to produce (typically) making our 5 oz, and even our 10 oz silver bars a viable option for most budgets. There is a particular focus on variety and diversity in the production of silver bullion bars from SilverTowne. SilverTowne Trademark Eagle 10oz .999 Silver Bar 3pc. Available from 1913 to 1938, the Buffalo Nickel coin includes the effigy of a Native American leader on the obverse in right-profile relief with an inscription of “Liberty.” The reverse side of the coins included the left-profile relief of an American bison.

The mint strikes 1 oz., 5 oz., 10 oz., 50 oz. Make Offer - SilverTowne Prospector & Donkey Collectible Bar 1 Troy Oz .999 Fine Silver Bar. American Flag Silver Bars are available in 1 oz and 10 oz silver, two of the most popular weights for silver bars. and 100 oz. All .999 fine silver bars for sale at SilverTowne are 100% quality guaranteed! The reverse was inspired by Black Diamond, a bison living in the Central Park Zoo in the early 20th century. The company has grown to feature two retail adventures.

Stay Informed of Our Special Offers. One great way to diversity your silver holdings is by merely accumulating high quality silver in multiple sizes. All of our special occasion bars and rounds are produced in .999 fine silver and most can be personalized with engraving. SilverTowne bars, as well as exceptional hand-poured silver bars of various sizes. Something went wrong. © Copyright 2020 JM Bullion. Quantity. SilverTowne has also modernized its Eagle Silver Bar design, much like the Prospector. They are an easily affordable option for most buyers making it simple for new silver enthusiasts to invest in a decent 'chunk' of silver without breaking the bank. You can call us on the phone at 800-276-6508, chat with us live online, or simply send us an email with your inquiries.

That means if down the line you decide to liquidate a small portion of your silver collection selling a 5 oz bar, as opposed to five one ounce bars, could potentially fetch you a slightly larger profit margin in the long run.

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Get the item you ordered or get your money back. and 100 oz.

Popular . $69.95 +$4.05 shipping. SilverTowne also offers a variety of cast or poured silver bars for investors to purchase. 1oz SilverTowne Retro Prospector Silver Bar 0.999 Fine Silver - Sealed. Only the word “Liberty” is inscribed in the round field at the top of the bar with “.999 Fine Silver” and the weight below.

Plus, since 5 oz silver bars are only slightly larger than 1oz pieces they are still extremely easy to store and stack. 32.60 POUNDS Misc GOLD, SCRAP MEMORY & FINGERS 440.8 GRAMS TOTAL 15.55 OZ. The bars are available as 1 oz, 5 oz, and 10 oz silver options.

With high quality standards and a lasting industry reputation, SilverTowne has been your trusted coin and bullion dealer since 1949 and has been manufacturing our own silver bullion bars and rounds since 1973.

Today, 1 oz SilverTowne Buffalo Silver Bars are available to you online at $29.99. For the gift giver, the SilverTowne Mint also produces many custom designed bars and rounds that are made for special occasions. All .999 fine silver bars for sale at SilverTowne are 100% quality guaranteed! Gold. Silvertowne 1 Ounce Silver Bar Analyzing Silvertowne bars is complicated by the fact that Silvertowne has made several minor changes to their standard bar design over the years, resulting in at least three generations of genuine bars that all look a bit different. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to JM Bullion with your questions about SilverTowne silver bullion bars. SILVER SILVERTOWNE Sealed/ Scrap Silver 20 bars. Our most popular Silver Bar features the SilverTowne Trademark prospector and his trusty burro, and comes in three weights, 1oz, 5oz and 10oz.

He will then hand-pour the red hot silver into graphite molds to cool. Like the Prospector collection, SilverTowne has a retro and modern version of its popular Eagle design on silver bullion bars. You will choose your payment method at checkout which will reflect your pricing accordingly. SilverTowne Silver Bullion Bars. On the obverse of SilverTowne Buffalo Bars is the image of Fraser’s obverse coin design. $28.00 +$4.00 shipping. Ships Free. Even businesses use challenge coins to show appreciation of employees, business associates and customers. 1057.8 GRAMS 2LB 5.313OZ, Estate Gold Men's Onyx R Initial Ring 10k Yellow Gold 417 10kt wear scrap 6.2g 3, 5 Lbs. We also offer volume discounts on several of our most popular pieces, take advantage of all of our bulk silver deals now!

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