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Leave them in there overnight to assure they’re properly frozen all the way through. Required fields are marked *, Example: Funded, in part, by the Massachusetts Office of Travel and Tourism. You want that to be as cold as possible, so if it’s been in the refrigerator, put it in the freezer for 5-10 minutes before you want to use it. 978-887-5000 One reward per purchase. Since you supply the beverage, it simply includes the cup with the lid, and the three cubes. The Commitment Copyright © Doesitreallywork. All rights reserved. My Funds rewards are valid 30 days from the date all items have shipped or been picked up and cannot be earned on previous purchases. The commercial makes the shaking part look fun, but it’s really not, and you have to put in some work for your slushy. With a few shakes they say you can turn any beverage into slushed goodness. You literally can be drinking a slushy in 5 minutes from now. Evaluation If you miss the threading and screw it on a little crookedly, it won’t be airtight and can lead to a mess. Simply store your Slushy Maker in the freezer prior to use (to bring the cup’s insert to the right temperature), add a chilled beverage of your choice, and then start squeezing. Get inspired and check out our top deals. View Now. It seems that the Slushy Magic execs are proposing you never drink an ordinary beverage again. The Slushy Magic is fun to use, and kids really do like it because they have the energy to shake it up the way you need to. Website designed and developed by Sperling Interactive. The first thing you’ll want to do is change the setting on your freezer if you keep it at a normal temperature. Yes, there is. If you decide to buy a Slushy Magic, pick one up from Amazon and save some money on the manufacturers ridiculous shipping and handling charges. Slushy Magic is less than $15 and comes with everything you need. 3.2 out of 5 stars 200. Each cup comes with spoon straw. Does The IKEA Wall Mounted Bamboo Workspace Really Work? The. shop now, Your order delivered right to your door for as little as $4.99. You’d have to make about 10 slushies in it for it to pay for itself, and then it’s all just pure slushy savings. Each set includes 1 magic shaker, 3 magic cubes, 1 magic spoon straw and 1 fun drink guide. Enjoy faster checkout, create ideaboards, earn My Funds and become a Beyond+ member! Slushy Magic works, but you have to follow a few steps to make sure that you get good results. The product looks awesome and we cannot wait to try it. This has been around for years now, and involves just pouring your beverage into the mug and stirring. Amount calculated after coupons and discounts and before taxes, shipping and other charges. © 2019 Topsfield Fair. One of our favorites is the Slush Mug. The more you shake it, the better the results so try to shake it as vigorously as possible until it’s slusherized, or until you’re too tired to shake any more. Being able to pick and choose your own beverages means that you’ll have plenty more options and not be limited to the standard cola and cherry flavors you find at the store. [youtube]. Download On Android. Cubes are reusable and re-freezable. Tips and Tricks to Improve Its Performance FREE Shipping on your first order shipped by Amazon. You can buy the Slushy Magic Kit online for upwards of $10 OR you can make your own DIY Slushy Magic at home for a few cents. I bet you have everything you need right at … The Cost If you're interested in being a sponsor, click here. Does the Premium Vegetable Steamer Basket Really Work. This one is probably too. If you are interested in seeing Slushy Magic in action, visit their booth in the Fair Trade Center! If you want a product that works everytime, makes MORE slush, and is cheaper, then we recommend you take a look at the Slush Mug. I am just curious cuz i love slushies. Since you supply the beverage, it simply includes the cup with the lid, and the three cubes. The Hype You’d have to make about 10 slushies in it for it to pay for itself, and then it’s all just pure slushy savings. Does the Violight Toothbrush Sanitizer Really Work? In four simple steps, it creates a slushy drink. Register for our Mailing List to keep up with all the latest Topsfield Fair News! Next, you’ll want to pay attention to your beverage. More Buying Choices $9.99 (11 used & new offers) [100 Sets - 16 oz.] You should turn the dial just a tad colder so that you are getting a good freeze on the magic cubes. They say that the “magic” comes from the specially designed cubes that are meant to form ice crystals, The Claim Most of them say that they put a lot of science into the freezing technology, and Slushy Magic is no different. Most of the people that have said it doesn’t work have missed out on getting it right, not through their own fault, but because it takes a little trial and error to get them to come out properly. Put the cubes in the tumbler, pour in your favorite drink, put the lid on and shake. 2)      Put the cubes in the slushy maker, It works with what is called “snowflake science.” The website explains the “Slushy Magic Cubes super freeze your drink, making hundreds of ice crystals in just about minutes.”. Buy online and get your order in 2 hours or less! Non-toxic. Just freeze the included magic cubes, put cubes in the slushy maker, add in a cold drink and shake away! As long as you follow our guidelines above, you shouldn’t have no trouble getting the results you’re after, and this can be one tool to help you through the dog days of summer.

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