what does black tea taste like

Bergamot oranges are the key ingredient in one of the most popular teas: Earl Grey. Remember, not all caffeine will be extracted when steeping the tea leaves. Pour in more water and let it steep for about 1 minute. Unlike Indian Assam tea, Keemun is made from Camellia sinesis var. Apart from boosting energy levels and immunity, this tea may also aid in preventing heart disease and certain types of cancers. The final amounts of antioxidants and caffeine always depends on many factors–from growing conditions, to the type of plant, processing methods and brewing style. Use an appropriate amount of tea leaves, pay attention to the water temperature and steeping time and use clean pre-heated teaware. Be sure to consult your doctor before making this tea a part of your daily diet. Research showed that black tea may help to lower blood sugar and improve insulin levels[4]. You could also make your own homemade, vanilla black tea by using any of the following: Chocolate is another popular flavor to add to black tea. Most teas produced in China can be brewed using gaiwan. There are different types of Keemun black tea. Additionally, if you squeeze some lemon juice in your tea, it may further help with calorie breakdown. They sometimes don't stay closed, which causes tea leaves to accidentally spill into your drink. The most important compound in black tea is theaflavin. It was first produced in 1875 by Yu Quianchen, a failed civil servant that that took over the knowledge of black tea production while traveling to Fujian[1]. Steep for 2-3 minutes. Keemun gongfu tea is basically any traditionally made, unbroken Keemun tea. Preheat the teapot and cups by pouring hot water in and out. Interestingly, studies showed that although the highest quality Keemun black tea may have more antioxidants, it doesn’t necessarily provides the highest benefits. Spring water is always the best choice for brewing pure tea. “What Are the Health Benefits of Earl Grey Tea?”. Heat the water just below the boiling point. Let’s find out more about this tea. However, we think grocery store steepers are usually inadequate for a few reasons: For this reason we highly recommend the Stainless-Steel Mesh Finum Brewing Basket. Leaves are harvested in spring and summer, then withered, rolled, oxidised, fired and sorted. This hot cup of tea in the morning refreshes you to start your day, although it may not have the kick of a coffee. I tried to find out online, but I couldn't find anyone who really said what it taste like. Drinking this tea may help with weight loss, primarily due to the citrus fruit extracts. Filtered water is also less important since black tea tastes strong but it might make your tea a little bit healthier. Copyright © 2020 - FoodsForBetterHealth. Now, add Earl Grey tea into the hot water. The potential health benefits of Keemun black tea include: While the antioxidants activity in green tea mostly comes from a catechin called EGCg, in black tea it comes from thearubigins and theaflavins. It has a slightly floral undertone. Black tea contains caffeine that may provide an energy boost and improve mental performance[9]. Fluoride helps prevent cavities and tooth decay. Overall, you can expect mellow tea with less pronounced maltiness and more floral and fruity sweetness than in Assam teas. Although Keemun is best pure, you can add a bit of milk into your cup of tea if you wish. Health Benefits and Side Effects…, Top 20 Antihistamine Foods that Help Fight Inflammation. Add sugar to taste and a slice of lemon. “5 SECRETS TO THE PERFECT CUP OF EARL GREY TEA”. [2]  Thus, if you want to enjoy the best flavor, the higest quality may offer an unforgettable experience, but if you are seeking to gain the best benefits, opt for the intermediate-high grades. The blend of bergamot oranges in this tea is known to calm the mind and boost good mood. Cacao powder is better for you but likely more bitter since it's free of excess sweeteners. “What Are the Health Benefits of Earl Grey Tea?”, http://healthyeating.sfgate.com/health-benefits-earl-grey-tea-11018.html, last accessed, May 5, 2017

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